Transition Training

I did not come here and did what i did, because I’m so enlightened. Life didn’t put me on this path because I’m so free of ego and because I’m so centered. Not because I can easily let go of my overthinking or accept all emotions with an open heart. Not because I can connect so gracefully with the present moment and forget about the memories of the past and the worries of the future.

I think this is not the reason behind the feeling i always had that I’m drawn to this part of the planet. The real reason was the exact opposite. And the gaps of happiness I felt and experienced and shared during this period were nothing but stuck emotions that had to surface and leave.

Because when you expect the transition to be really peaceful, soft and quiet you will totally be surprised. Transition is the ultimate challenging moments grouped all together in a limited period of time. Either you accept and let it make its job and make out of you a growing person or you keep fighting it your whole life.

I decided to stop fighting.



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