The very first step

It was really a hard time
It took me really long to decide.
Choosing a yoga school in India, is one of the hardest tasks ever! At least so it was to me back then!
Briefly, after many months of trying to find a school that i really feel connected to, after a lot of hard times, a lot of advises i asked for, a lot of e-mails, and a lot more of overthinking, Parimukti was the one I have chosen. Which actually was my very first option in the first place.
Without hesitation I say, Merel was the key. Merel is the founder of Parimukti, and she’s the one i had contacted when I needed assistance in my search. Merel with her mother energy, had helped me when I called her the first time, giving me all the answers. She did not only answer my questions but, she had moved our conversation to another level where, she guided me into finding the way that i had to take, respecting my own journey and will, not trying to sell her product in any way. With that same energy, and during my whole stay in India, she was always around, being a great source of inspiration for me and for everyone. Her impact will stay with me forever.


Bhavini. The charming Indian girl, was the example of the devoted and passionate yoga teacher, the friendly and loved by everyone.
On the other hand, Rory was that funny, always smiling yoga teacher. Full of life, he teached us how to be that genuine teacher, very far from the cliché yogi.
Sophie, full of child innocence and playfulness, was always creative in sharing knowledge and love. I will never forget her honest smiles and tears…Oh and her angelic chanting voice!20161121_083735.jpg

As for Manjeet, who used to refer to me as his twin brother, was a great inspiration for me personally, in finding my own authentic way of teaching, based on true traditional pillars of yoga and meditation.


My friends. Can’t say much about the people that i shared with them my true self, with all of the weaknesses surrounding it. We were all lucky to witness our lives intersecting in such an extraordinary stage. We shared a lot of memories and hard times, and we were all seing each other grow, during that exceptional transition.


Here’s a video, made by Parimukti, during our November 2016 training, showing a hint of what the experience sounds like.

I’m forever grateful for a lot of people who have bared with me, supported me and pushed me to pursue that step, for all the people that have helped me and have held my back, in order to achieve it, and for every person i met throughout this trip, who have made it much much exquisite and fruitful.

All the love…and much more.


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