“Guess what! I don’t rise above the floor!”

Yes, I am a yoga instructor. And yes, I guide people into a yogic experience and a more awakened lifestyle though, I am not a Tibetan monk. Not even close. By no means, I am not perfect and hell no, I don’t rise above the floor. It’s true that I try my best to stay centered and authentic in a chaotic busy life and keep on growing as long as I am still breathing, but you know what, I still fail a lot and a lot of times.
I cry, scream and get angry, then I get up and start all over again. And contrariwise to the cliché image of a contemporary yoga teacher, I don’t drink green smoothies every five minutes, I don’t feel like practicing all the time or touching the ceiling with my big toe, and I don’t even have a big graceful smile drawn to my face the whole day.

As I’ve been taught, Yoga is a self-experience, and this is what I personally enjoy doing every day, same as any other yoga practitioner. Self-experience is completely the opposite of pre-set stereotyping we got trapped in. A yoga teacher is no superman. My teacher used to say that a yoga teacher is as important as any other worker in the world; whether a carpenter, a taxi driver, a company manager, a politician, a TV presenter and so on. In the end, we are all trying to succeed in accomplishing our role in the universe, and keep on learning along the way. We learn and learn, and find out that we still lack loads of knowledge. And that’s the beauty of the journey.

16x9 - Reverse namaste.jpg
Jean Ghabro

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